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Funding gap

There is a lot of talk about the funding gap that early stage startups risk falling into. But we also need to address the understanding gap that exist between how funders and entrepreneurs think. It’s this understanding gap which most startups fall into. If entrepreneurs understood better how banks and investors think, they would know not to spend time pitching their early stage project to them and when the time comes to actually pitch, they would be much better prepared and have much better chance of success in securing funding.

My mistakes

I’ve been involved in startups for almost twenty years, as a founder and an investor. I’ve seen it from both sides. I’ve made the mistakes, looked for funding in the wrong places, counted the money before we had it. I know how it feels to be you, an entrepreneur with dreams and a great idea. I also know how it feels to be approached by you as an investor. I know that unless you send investors like me the right materials, at the right time, with your great idea derisked and bootstrapped, we won’t fund you. I know how entrepreneurs like you think and I know how investors think.

The book

This book is about building that understanding and preparing entrepreneurs for if and when the time comes for pitching their project to funders (venture capital, business angels, banks, public funds, co-founders, employees). Most importantly this book is about what needs to happen, and what entrepreneurs need to do in the meantime in order to develop and derisk their startup project enough for it to become attractive to professional investors. I want to help you think like an investor, so you can be successful as an entrepreneur.


Case Studies


About The Author




Nicolaj Højer Nielsen is a serial entrepreneur and business angel who has been building startups since 1999. He focuses on high potential start-ups, where he has co-founded and invested in 13 companies, primarily within IT.

Nicolaj furthermore dedicates a significant part of his time to help other startups, via his employment as external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School where he teaches entrepreneurship, and via pro-bono coaching and mentoring of other entrepreneurs. His educational background is a MBA from INSEAD in France and Singapore, and an MSc in Marketing from Copenhagen Business School and University of Texas. Read more at Linkedin

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I want you to think like an investor, so you can become even more successful as an entrepreneur

— Nicolaj Højer Nielsen —

Cases for the
Startup Funding Book

Do you know of a good case for the book? The current version of the Startup Funding Book is already filled with multiple cases studies, from startups that have received various forms of funding (angels, friends, VCs, public funding etc.) I want to add more cases, so the book will be filled with cases from all over the world! This might end up with local country-specific versions of the book, with specific funding information for say UK, Germany, Spain, Canada, India etc. But first step in the process is to include more international cases.

So please fill in the form, if you know of a case I should contact to get included in the book.

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